100% of the proceeds from sales are used to help Bedouin people & feeding animals in need around us, in Southern Sinai (Egypt)

Colorful, bold, playful & sustainable paper mache jewelry

Sustainable, eye-catching jewelry. Dare to wear colorful, striking and unique designer necklaces! Bold, playful & eco friendly colorful paper mache jewelry. HappyColourShop

Sustainable, eye-catching necklaces and jewelry.

Dare to wear colorful, striking and - most of all - unique designer jewelry! This collection contains a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors. There's something for everyone: check them out.

These necklaces are very comfortable and easy to wear. And the best part is... they are totally made of recycled materials!  Eco-friendly and alluring: that's double fun!

Decorated with artist quality acrylic paint and coated with water-resistant transparent matte varnish, this colorful, bold and playful paper mache jewelry is surprisingly resistant.
Perfect to wear every day!

This part of the website is still under construction: many more bold, colorful & playful necklaces will be added very shortly. Bookmark and come back soon!